Broiled Chicken

The textbook is difficult to figure out because sometimes, the lesson does not actually contain a recipe. For instance, when I opened the book this morning before I went food shopping, I realized today's lesson was on broiling. Which is fine--I know the oven has a broiler. But there was no recipe attached to the lesson. The picture showed some shrimp being broiled and the instructions mentioned brushing food with oil to keep it from sticking. Do they not realize that I am a beginner--a BEGINNER--and need my hand held at all times?

I ended up talking to the butcher at Whole Foods who recommended chicken. He promised it would be easy and gave me a pre-cut chicken. I used this recipe that I found at Cookography because it gave pictures. And I invited over my brother to try out my first foray into meat preparation.

My brother. My brother, who may or may not be reading this, has held many jobs. Seriously--everything from carpenter to doorman to dishwasher. His most recent career move has been to become a photographer. He taught himself how to use a camera and has been dragging me around New York doing practice sessions. He's actually quite good, though he has yet to actually make money being a photographer. He is currently paying the rent by working temp jobs. My brother, I should mention, is brilliant--he went to an Ivy League school for undergrad and did one year of medical school before he dropped out.

He has recently told me that he wants me to start calling him Ephraim, which is his Hebrew name. I'm not sure I can do this. Honestly, I think we sort of become our names and he has become an Ethan. Calling him Ephraim would be as strange as seeing him in a mini skirt and three-inch heels.

I needed to invite Ethan because I also forgot to buy a meat thermometer so he picked one up for me along the way. My drawers are quickly becoming overstuffed. I'm not sure what I'll do when I move on to the next lesson and need a freakin' roasting pan.

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Beautiful Mess said...

Sooooo? How was the chicken? What else did you have with it? I've never broiled chicken, or anything for that matter. Was it very difficult?