Sauteing and Sisters

I am drowning in chicken. The next lesson also used chicken, though the skill was sauteing. The accompanying recipe was a saute with onions, garlic, and basil. I'm not the biggest fan of basil, so I left it out. Maybe the dish would have been more impressive with a chiffonaded basil leaves.

My sister came over for dinner without her child and husband in tow. It was her first time seeing my new apartment. She has sent me dozens of cards; she even had flowers delivered a few times since the divorce. But she hasn't had time to actually swing by the place. Sarah is a surgeon and lives across the bridge in Brooklyn. It really isn't conducive to seeing your newly-single sister's studio apartment complete with hanging sheets to connote the bedroom area.

I actually had a decent evening with her despite the lecture I had to endure about everything that is wrong with how I'm doing divorce (notes from the discussion: I need to stop moping, I need to start taking a class somewhere, I need to meet people, I need to join a gym, I need to make sure all of my mail is being forwarded). My sister can do many things--open people's heads, fix their brains...close their heads. But she cannot saute chicken. I would be shocked if she even owned a saute pan. I'm fairly certain my sister has never prepared anything more complicated than a Lean Cuisine.

The Katz girls sort of skipped that whole Easy Bake Oven phase.

It may not have been the most amazing dish. I may have not have used the best white wine. I may have left out an ingredient or two (one on purpose, one by accident). But still, I did something that she couldn't do which was put food on the table.


the misfit said...

There's really no question in my mind. You are the superior sister.

Beautiful Mess said...

Good for you! You should be VERY proud of yourself! It's very frustrating hearing advice from family members when all you want is for them to tell you your doing a great job. If it helps at all, I think you're doing an AMAZING job and doing something I would hope I had the courage to do. You're an inspiration. Sorry, that was a bit sappy..I'm just saying you're pretty damn cool!