Welcome Back

I absolutely didn't mean to be away that long. Some of it was actually a good excuse that will require another blog post to unpack: Beckett was in the NICU for a bit, my friend needed me, and I just didn't have the energy to tackle lessons in the book some nights when I got home.

The other excuse is a bit lamer (is lamer a word? More lame? More lamer?): I started getting hung up reading other food blogs and rules about what food bloggers should or shouldn't do. I would be cooking and planning a blog post in my head and then realize that I had forgotten to take photographs and I had read that apparently, all food bloggers should include photographs.

So I stopped writing because I got too worried.

And then I got a comment (thank you, Misfit!) reminding me about this space and I realized how much I wanted to write about this journey and also how much I needed some sort of outlet (and without the funds to attend therapy like every other New Yorker, I am stuck with this). So I'm formally saying fuck it to all the rules.

I will be writing about my cooking lessons and restaurants in New York and my friends and family and my divorce. And there will be photographs only when I remember to take them. And there will be lots of misspellings and grammatical errors because that was also on a "don't do" list about food blogging. And I may even drink and post from time to time, ensuring that you get to hear many amusing drunken tales of being a newly single woman with no clue about dating.

So welcome back to me. And I promise--no more two month breaks between postings.

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the misfit said...

Hello again...I read this the day it came out, of course. Eagerly waiting for more posts!